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Initial thoughts on Food 2030

Posted in Comment by foodservicefootprint on January 5, 2010

A couple of points that need to be addressed regarding DEFRA’s campaign Food 2030 announced today:

One of the aims is to reduce greenhouse gas in the food chain and another is to cut food waste and use technologies that allow us to create energy from the waste we can’t avoid.

As far as I am aware most of the bigger businesses in foodservice have taken gigantic leaps in this direction already, with very little or no help from the current government. To that extent the smaller foodservice businesses cannot afford to do so. So I wonder what the government is proposing to assist smaller businesses?

Furthermore, Hilary Benn is still banging the 5 A Day drum, although it is common knowledge that if the entire population were to actually follow this directive, the environmental impact would be disastrous.

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