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Posted in Comment,Food Miles,Sustainability,Sustainable Sourcing by foodservicefootprint on October 28, 2009

In a statement by Charles Clover on regarding a bad rating the website initially gave two of Caprice Holdings’ restaurants, he writes: ‘We were previously critical of both restaurants [J Sheekey and Scott’s] for not providing enough detail in their online menus about the fish and seafood on offer’. It goes on to say ‘…we had to assess the two restaurants through what was available on their online menu’.

My initial thoughts were….hold on, if a restaurant does not supply the information required by the fish2fork team and does not make overt references to sustainability, local, organic, farmed etc on their communications, it thus gets badly rated? Does this reflect the reality of sourcing fish sustainably or is the website’s rating system flawed?

Caprice Holdings has challenged and provided the required information. Consequently, the two restaurants’ ratings have subsequently been upgraded from red to blue.

Two espressos later I had to conclude that, yes, the industry is accountable. Yes, chef’s and restaurateurs are busy people but aren’t we all! With the threats that we are facing, it is foodservice’s duty to partake in such evaluations. Transparency is important and if certain aspects of sourcing need to be addressed within a business, it is these systems that will help restaurants to do so. is not about naming and shaming, it is about leveraging restaurants to appraise their sourcing policies and sharing this information on the grounds that foodservice operations have a responsibility to the environment.

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