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Footprint launches in Europe!

Posted in 1,Comment,International,News by foodservicefootprint on September 20, 2009


After five months of research, Footprint Media Group is establishing an office in Munich, under the lead of Patric Bauer, Managing Director of Footprint Publishing Europe Ltd. The objective is to replicate the Footprint project and its various media vehicles across mainland Europe.

Ironically, although German green-technological advances are light-years ahead of the UK, foodservice, in terms of sustainability, is surprisingly behind. Furthermore it is clear that a large numbers of suppliers to UK foodservice have their roots on the continent and so it makes commercial sense to offer our content via a number of media in Europe.

Footprint Publishing Europe will be launching Foodservice Footprint and Infrastructure Footprint in Q4 of 2009 and will publish in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, with a view to expanding into France and Italy in 2011.

Patric and his team have unrivalled experience in events management, so please watch this space in the Forum and Events environment!

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact

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