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Sushi: Perhaps Nobu could follow itsu’s example

Posted in Comment,Food Trends,Foodservice Footprint news,International,News,Sustainability,Sustainable Sourcing by foodservicefootprint on September 19, 2009

itsu has taken the step to publish an A6 post card, available at all outlets and included in all deliveries, that makes the company’s policy on Bluefin tuna plainly transparent. The card states:

“The bluefin tuna is a wild, noble creature, in danger of extinction.

Don’t buy it. Don’t eat it. Tell your friends and family likewise.

Technological investment in freezer ships, satellites and sonar enable greedy corporations to remain at sea culling this migratory fish for months at a time. A catastrophe will be avoided with the introduction of realistic quotas

Currently less than 1% of the world’s oceans are protected.

itsu sources only Yellowfin tuna, never Bluefin. The fish we buy are caught by deep water set lines. This method of fishing avoids the horror of ‘bycatch’.

‘Bycatch’ goes hand in hand with drift net fishing, unselective longlining and, worst of all, purse seine nets.

Big fish, small fish, dolphins, turtles…you name it….’bycatch’ is too expensive and inconvenient to sort so it’s destroyed and dumped.

In a similar vein itsu only sells free range chicken. Again, a sensible way forward.”

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