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The Carbon Trust shows its face in foodservice!

Posted in 1,Comment,Government,News by foodservicefootprint on August 11, 2009


One of our criticisms of the Carbon Trust, for a long time, has been that it is focusing, in the main, only on the biggest of industries – aviation, transport, manufacturing etc and in no shape or form on foodservice. However last Friday a collaboration between Dairy UK and the Carbon Trust was announced and it might signal further assistance to the foodservice industry in the not too distant future.

Dairy UK, the trade body for dairy farmers, announced that it was working with the Carbon Trust to introduce new measures reporting on the carbon footprint of the dairy industry.

The project  is designed to set a single set of guidelines for dairy farmers, processors, wholesalers and retailers to evaluate the industries carbon emissions.

On the same day, Dairy UK also announced that it was set to meet and in many cases exceed a number of environmental targets for 2010.

A survey found that over 45% of dairy producers, has land in official environmental schemes, putting the industry on track to reach its 50% traget by 2010, according to The Guardian. The report goes on to say that nearly half of dairy farmers now have a nutrient management plan designed to help limit methane emissions from cattle in place, while milk processors are on track to meet a target of incorporating 10 per cent recycled plastic in milk bottles by the end of 2010.

As far as Footprint is concerned, this is very welcome news and I hope symbolises that the Carbon Trust might be stepping into foodservice territory in a more serious manner.

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