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Pritchitts could prove an environmental standard bearer to foodservice

Posted in Comment,Foodservice Footprint news,News,Sustainability by foodservicefootprint on July 26, 2009
From left to right: Alastair Pollock, Retail Operations Director, Phoenix Natural Gas

Based on what Pritchitts has achieved, we do feel that many of the company’s achievements are worth reporting.

Pritchitts’ dedication to working on initiatives to help the environment has continued and it has been recognised at the Business in the Community Awards, an award celebrating those businesses that have shown innovation, creativity and a sustained commitment to corporate responsibility. 

Pritchitts, the dairy experts, won an award for “Environmental Improvement” at the Gala Dinner in Belfast, given to an organisation that demonstrates significant improvement in the management of waste and energy.

Colin Shiels, Environmental Officer for Pritchitts said, “Our environmental policies are high on our agenda and winning this award highlights the tremendous efforts made to improve energy and environmental management within the business.  This will encourage everyone to continue working to improve our environmental profile and offer real benefits for the environment.”

What has Pritchitts tangibly achieved?

  • A reduction in Carbon Dioxide output by 70%
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are virtually non-existent
  • Reduction in noise levels of 17%
  • 60 tonnes of cardboard recycled every year
  • Water usage on site reduced by 1,500 cubic meters per week

Following accreditation for its Environmental Management System under ISO 14001, Pritchitts has been working with the Carbon Trust and Envirowise to further develop ways of reducing energy use and the burden on natural resources.  It achieved Platinum status through Business in the Community’s Environmental Benchmarking Survey in 2008 and large scale investments have been made over the past nine years.  Key achievements include, converting the factory’s steam raising boilers from heavy fuel oil to natural gas, installing a combined heat and power plant, using recovered heat in the work process and producing electricity from natural gas burning, recycling waste fats, infallible chemical security, purchase of compactors, employee and contractor environmental awareness training and a water conservation programme.

Colin added, “It was terrific to receive this Award in recognition of our work to date and it serves as a platform to build upon as we have a host of new initiatives and future activity that will further confirm our commitment to the Environment.”

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