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Pret A Manger – False Reportage!

Nicki Fisher, Sustainability Manager, Pret A Manger

Nicki Fisher, Sustainability Manager, Pret A Manger

It was widely reported last week that Pret A Manger had ceased selling Bluefin Tuna, which is simply not true!

As Nicki Fisher, Sustainability Manager at Pret A Manger told one of the directors of Footprint, ‘I have been fighting this for weeks’

Foodservice Footprint would like to put things straight. The actual facts are that Pret serves Skip Jack tuna but had been looking for an alternative for the last six months amid growing concern of the plight of tuna fish as a whole. Pret was galvanised into immediate action having managed to see a preview of Charles Clover’s The End of The Line a few months ago.

The simple facts are that Pret never served Bluefin Tuna. Yellowfin Tuna was served in the Pret sushi boxes, which has now been replaced with Salmon Trout. Otherwise only the dolphin friendly Skip Jack Tuna had been used, as it was not in danger of being over fished, given its fast breeding, fast growing nature. The natural populations are perpetually at healthy levels.

As Nicki said, ‘We now know that the issue with dolphin-friendly is that it is not friendly to any other creature in the sea. Purse Seine nets are used which are pretty indiscriminate – catching turtles, sharks, rays and also Bluefin Tuna. Once Pret realised this, we had to find an alternative sustainable solution.’

Pret sells over 7000kg of tuna in various products every week; it makes up almost 4% of the companies sales but as Nicki emphasised, ‘Finding a sustainable solution was imperative. Therefore the Food Team have been working tirelessly for the past few months to secure supply of Pole and Line caught Skip Jack Tuna’. In simple terms Pole and Line caught tuna has no by catch issue on the basis that only the individual fish is caught….

As ever, Pret have been nothing but transparent and their cause was, in many cases misrepresented.

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  1. Molly Lambert said,

    This is all well and good and I believe that the company are doing their absolute best by working ‘tirelessly’ to source sustainable tuna stock but I for one will now ask what kind of tuna my wrap contains at the point of buying my lunch.
    Therefore, as tuna stocks are as critical as they are wouldn’t it be a good idea for this information to be available to me as a matter of course?
    Now wouldn’t that sort the chaff from the wheat in a manner of speaking!

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