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Mrs. Paisley’s Lashings

Posted in Comment,Food Trends,Foodservice Footprint news,News,Sustainability by foodservicefootprint on June 27, 2009

No, this is not about a sadistic matron!

Arthur Potts Dawson and Jo Wood have collaborated in the new venture of Mrs Paisley’s Lashing’s. The project is dedicated to a new approach to dining in demanding times. It is an innovative venture offering a pop up restaurant experience that symbolises the importance of moving towards living and eating in a more sustainable way.

The venue is a temporary concept that springs up out of nowhere and disappears quickly on the edge of Richmond Park (Jo Woods’ garden according to The Telegraph).

The restaurant is open for dinner from June 25th until July 8th. More information see  

With fossil fuels dwindling and the global population increasing, the project aims to illuminate the importance of sourcing food locally or growing it yourself. The organisers view is that it’s time we took environmentally conscious responsibility for the waste we produce and the food we eat.

Supported by the Soil Association the project is a progressive and glamorous approach to teaching healthy eating, conscious living, good cooking, food and the future.

A percentage of gross takings will be donated to the Food For Life charity.

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