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Bluefin Tuna at Nobu



Nobu has 24 branches worldwide but on the menu’s of its two London restaurants, Bluefin Tuna appears with the notice ‘Bluefin Tuna is an environmentally threatened species, please ask your server for an alternative’. Nobu is advising its customers not to eat it but is happy to serve it should diners demand it.

Apparently, being one of the more popular dishes at £32.50 a portion, one has to ask whether this ethic is somewhat ironic and actually displays a pseudo environmental consciousness. Furthermore, in light of the fact that Nobu’s menus do not carry the same warning in any of its other restaurants around the world, one wonders whether international operators feel they have to pay lip service to an enlightened British diner.

The other point is that Bluefin Tuna is not killed to order and presumably certain amounts of product would have to be supplied to serve possible demand, despite the warning on the menu. Therefore, the question is whether this warning has even the slightest positive impact on this endangered species. Without scientific fact to underpin my argument, I suspect not.

Why not scrap it? Would omitting Bluefin Tuna from its menu’s have an adverse effect on Nobus P&L?

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