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Support the Lincolnshire Sausage!

Posted in Government,Provenance,Sustainable Sourcing by foodservicefootprint on May 22, 2009


Lincolnshire Sausages

Footprint received an email today from the Lincolnshire Sausage Association, who are applying for Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status for Lincolnshire Sausages.  They have set up a No.10 online petition and some of you might like to give them your support by signing it. 

Accreditations such as the French AOC and the Italian DOC are successfully used to protect both the geographical heritage and the recipes of a raft of regional foods. Champagne, Parma Ham and Roquefort are just a few of the products that benefit from such protection in those countries.  A PDO, AOC, PGI or DOC legitimises the provenance and, by its nature, supports the local producers.

Jersey Royal potatoes, Arbroath Smokies, Whitstable Oysters and Cornish Clotted cream all have either PGI or PDO protection. Lincolnshire Sausages have a very strong case for joining them. At the moment anybody can make a sausage with any ingredients, anywhere, and call it Lincolnshire Sausage. Accreditation would guarantee the consistency, quality and provenance of this famous British regional food. 

The Association has  set up a No.10 online petition and we’d like to give them  The email reads as follows:

 Dear All,

I have set up a No 10 petition on behalf of the Lincolnshire Sausage
Association to support our application for protected Geographical Indication
(PGI) for Lincolnshire Sausages to ensure that Lincolnshire Sausages can
only be manufactured in Lincolnshire. 

Please would you support us by taking the time to sign up using the
following link:

         The petition reads:

     We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to support
     Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status for Lincolnshire

     PGI status for Lincolnshire sausages would mean that they could
     only be manufactured in the historic county of Lincolnshire
     according to the specified criteria.  This would support the
     numerous small producers that we have in the county and prevent
     inferior products from reaching the market.    

Thank you in anticipation of your support,

Janet Godfrey

 Well done Janet! Get voting everyone!

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