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Reformat of the Foodservice Footprint Journal

Posted in 1,Comment,News by foodservicefootprint on May 4, 2009


We are very proud with our achievements over the past year and are thus pleased to announce the different look of the forthcoming issue of the Foodservice Footprint journal.

Every penny has been reinvested into the products, thus a year after the launch of Foodservice Footprint we have such a diverse range of communication vehicles to serve your green messages.  Forgive the pun but the growth has been entirely Organic! And our thanks go to Brakes, Corney & Barrow, Gram, Llanllyr Source, Sodexo, Reynolds & Winterhalter as Brand Ambassadors. Should you wish to join the BA’s please contact for selection.

Consistent with this is the investment into the design, print quality and editorial diversity of the Journal.  All printed matter will henceforth continue to be printed on recycled, as opposed to previously sustainable, stocks. Various ideas have been suggested and indeed implemented so do watch out for your Summer Edition of Foodservice Footprint Journal.

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