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Wherefore Fairtrade in Foodservice?

Posted in Comment,Economics,Food Miles,Food Trends,International,Produce,Sustainability by foodservicefootprint on April 22, 2009




Further to the article ‘Half of the British Public is now familiar with Fairtrade’, this may be so, but it refers to the public’s perception of the genre and bears little relation to who’s actually buying the stuff.


Although a sizeable chunk of Fairtrade’s UK sales are in coffee, bananas are much the biggest seller, with the vast majority of the brand’s estimated £700m turnover being registered in the retail sector.


So wherefore Fairtrade in foodservice? Leaving aside coffee shops, sales are minimal outside of promotional activity periods. Price is clearly a major factor as operators seek to cut costs. Put a Fairtrade banana alongside an ‘ordinary’ banana and the only difference is its price – not in Fairtrade’s favour, I’m afraid, and a no brainer as far as the cash struck operator is concerned.



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