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Organic or not

Posted in Comment,Credit Crunch,Diet,Economics,Food Trends,Provenance by foodservicefootprint on April 22, 2009

We learn that the sales of organic food have fallen by a fifth and that numbers of producers are resigning their accreditation. Needless to say, the recession is being blamed, however it would be interesting to see what would have happened without the current economic nightmare.

The organic movement has undoubtedly done us the great service of opening everyone’s eyes to the rather more unpleasant aspects of pesticides and industrial farming. However, I have a suspicion that their success will prove to be to their commercial detriment in the not too distant future. 

At the same time as organic sales have been forging ahead, consumer media has been pushing the concept of healthy, nutritious, ‘proper’ food with pastoral vigour, ably supported by the sermons of the reverands Oliver and Fearnley-Whittingstall. 

The paying public have followed foodservice and have discovered provenance for themselves. They are now very conscious of the origins and delivery of the food they eat and know where to get what they want…and it needn’t have an organic label.

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