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Happy Birthday to us!

Posted in Comment,Foodservice Footprint news by foodservicefootprint on April 22, 2009


Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day.  According to Wikepedia, it is the 40th Earth Day since Senator Gaylord Nelson launched the project in 1969 to ‘inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment’.  An estimated 100,000 joined a US gathering in Washington alone to celebrate!

It is also Footprint’s first birthday, so we have alot of catching up to do! The party might be less well attended, but the celebrations no less meaningful. By next year we hope to have attracted many more partygoers and we expect this blogsite to go some way towards achieving that end.

Our objective is to promote a transparency to the environmental issues that affect the foodservice process and become the industry focal point for impartial debate and the positive exchange of ideas. We have great ambitions for the coming year and intend to add other media channels to the existing Foodservice Footprint journal and this website and blog. We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Time for a toast!

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