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How local is LOCAL? And who really means it?

 Courtesy of Treehugger

Read this very interesting blog published on The Guardian’s site yesterday. It reflects our views at FF entirely and underlines what we have been arguing for years.

Although it is retail focused, I feel the same applies to much of the foodservice industry. Even those with sophisticated green mandates and CSR policies seem to take localism very seriously from a marketing point of view but how local is LOCAL? We are clearly abusing the word local as merely being from ‘Britain’ is simply not true to the definition of the word.

Manifest to the, shall we say, flakeyness of Corporate ecological consciousness was an article published in The Times on the 12th of April stating that firms have moved away from Carbon Off-Setting as a result of the recession:

 This, once the scheme to be involved in, has proven somewhat fickle, it seems. One thing, I would argue is happening is that the men are starting to emerge from the boys! Who is really serious about making a difference!

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