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I enjoyed the press launch of the Crustastun, courtesy of Messrs. Brakes today. It was enlightening but I couldn’t help but think that it opens up a huge moral debate of how crustacean have up until now been prepared for consumption.

As far as I can discern, the hospitality industry, not to mention manufacturers and processors, will have a moral obligation to buy this equipment. A tell tale sign of how seriously the industry regards animal welfare, will be the quantity of units sold over the coming year.

My personal opinion is that restaurants will consider it yet another piece of equipment that needs servicing – sad but true. I am hoping not, as some of the facts are shocking.

Full details will be available during the course of the week.

For more details please view

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  1. Herbert said,

    i have often wondered about this. How much do these machines cost

  2. foodservicefootprint said,

    A complete shellout!

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